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The Beet Juice News Round-Up


Queensland University of Technology to Test Immediate Effects of Beet Juice on Mature Adults 

Queensland University of Technology is planning to study the effects of beet juice on people aged 60-70.  The study will be the first to investigate the immediate effects of beet juice on vascular health, inflammatory issues, blood pressure and especially blood clotting.

From the Press Release 

“The research will provide us with important information on the potential for a lifestyle-based intervention involving beetroot juice to prevent some age-associated diseases, preserve the function of blood vessels and promote healthy ageing.”

We will follow up with this study once the results are reported.

More and More Professional Sports Teams Drinking Beet Juice 

The NFL Baltimore Ravens have reportedly added beet juice to their new nutrition program.

And in other football news–we really mean soccer–Leicester City, the English Premiere League champs, claim that one of the secrets of their success is beet juice.

Colorado Doctor Says Beet Juice May Assist the Sick 

In an interview appearing in the Post Independent, Colorado MD Greg Feinsinger says that beet juice may be beneficial for people with emphysema, peripheral vascular disease, cognitive decline, ED and hypertension.  He cites plant nitrates and their ability to enhance blood flow and oxygen uptake as the source of the possible benefits.

You can read the full interview here.

64% of Americans Don’t Get Regular Exercise


In a recent editorial published in Cardiology, researchers revealed that nearly two thirds of Americans don’t partake in routine physical activity. And it’s not just America that’s lacking in physical fitness. It seems that almost half of Europeans are couchbound as well.

Everyone knows that exercise, alongside diet, are the two key factors in maintaining a healthy body weight.  It’s probably the number-one most popular reason to exercise ever. However, even outside of the weight-loss benefit, exercise also lowers the risk of diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, reduces the risk of some types of cancer, lowers blood pressure and improves mood, energy and promotes more restful sleep and on and on and so forth.

On the other hand, 22% of coronary heart disease and colon cancer and 12% of diabetes and hypertension seems to be caused by lack of exercise.

One doesn’t need to engage in extreme athletics to receive the health benefits. The editorial states that simple things like walking for 20 minutes a day can slough 700 calories a week and will reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by up to 40%. Additionally, they recommend light resistance training to increase lean body mass. All these exercises can be performed safely by almost anyone of any age.

And if exercise still seems daunting, beet juice, like American-made Red Rush, can make working out easier. Studies have found that the dietary nitrate in beet juice can improve exercise performance by over 10%. That includes simple tasks like walking or light resistance training. Additionally, researchers in Kansas found that beet juice helped heart failure patients improve their mobility. Red Rush is made from fruits,vegetables, water and fruit byproducts, and has no artificial ingredients, added sugar or stimulants.

So no matter your fitness level–from Olympian to former couch potato–Red Rush can help get you on the path to a healthier lifestyle!

Build Better Bones Through Exercise



As you may or may not know, bone density becomes harder to maintain as one ages, and weak and slender bones have the potential to wreak all sorts of havoc. Bones can break, osteoporosis may take hold and a person may suffer from ongoing pain or even a disability, so it’s important to keep your bones in tip-top shape.

Several key elements can contribute to your bone health. There are some you can control like nutrition, exercise, smoking, alcohol and caffeine use, and there are those that you cannot control: gender (women are at greater risk), genetics, previous broken bones or illnesses as well some medications.

As far as nutrition goes, calcium and vitamin D are tantamount to the health of your bones. And if you’re looking to build up your skeleton through exercise, then load-bearing exercises are recommended. The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends high-impact weight-bearing like running, hiking, stair-climbing or jumping rope. Low-impact modifications include walking quickly, a stair step machine or toned-down aerobics. Resistance training is also recommended.

If you’re looking to get more exercise in order to strengthen your skeleton, then you may want to consider Red Rush beet juice. Red Rush contains 500 mg of dietary nitrate per bottle! Nitrate is converted into nitric oxide in the body. This “miracle molecule” improves blood flow to your skeletal muscles which makes it easier to exercise, according to the dozens and dozens of studies published on the subject. Plus, it’s beet juice, so it’s chocked-full of nutrition and has no artificial ingredients or stimulants. So build a better skeleton with exercise and Red Rush beet juice!

Those Muscles Are Good for Your Heart

Muscle Power.png

Believe it or not, being muscular is good for you and not just in those normal muscly ways like, for example, the ability to knock away errant boulders during an avalanche or having the strength to lift the prow of an ice-breaking ship in order to start conversations with strangers. Those muscles are great for your heart and survival as well.

A new study out of UCLA found that owning a lot of muscle mass was linked to a lower risk of overall mortality, even with cardiovascular disease, leading some scientists to believe that maintaining muscle mass as we age may be just as important if not more important than monitoring weight loss.  The study was published in the American Journal of Cardiology.

Researchers looked at data from over 6,000 participants in the NHANES survey and divided subjects into four categories: High Muscle/High Fat, High Muscle/Low Fat, Low Muscle/Low Fat, Low Muscle/ High Fat.

Those with the most muscle and the least fat had the best chance of survival. That may seem unsurprising to those with common sense, but researchers believe that this study may overturn some commonly held beliefs about body mass index (BMI), namely why those with seemingly unfavorable BMIs also have a high survival rate. (“The obesity paradox”). This study indicates that it may be muscle mass behind the survival rates of  high-BMI people.

For those of you looking to build your own set of muscles, you should think about drinking Red Rush beet juice. Red Rush is loaded with dietary nitrate (500 mg) which the body converts to nitric oxide. More nitric oxide means better blood flow, and enhanced blood flow helps improve stamina, muscle power and performance.  It has been shown to help  all sorts of people–from Olympic athletes to heart failure patients–exercise. And it can help you get a little more from your workouts and build those muscles faster, so you can get around to enjoying the many benefits of being musclebound!




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