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Beet Juice Turns Teeth Red But Keeps Them White


When you think of proper dental care, you probably think of sterile things like mouthwash, hot water and that dangerous-looking, scrapey metal hook dentists use.  It seems counter intuitive that anyone one would equate beet juice with white and shiny teeth, especially since beet juice turns chompers red on contact.

So prepare to have your mind somewhat blown when I tell you that it might be a good time to stock Red Rush beet juice in your medicine cabinet next to the water pic and floss. In a recent study, 25 Austrian students were given nitrate-rich beet juice and 25 were given a placebo. At the end of the study they tested the pH of the subjects’ saliva and found that the people drinking beet juice had less acidic saliva than those drinking the placebo.

From The Local 

“We concluded that regularly consuming the beetroot juice provides enough nitrite to control the growth of lactic acid bacteria,” project leader Otmar Höglinger said.

It is believed that salivary nitric oxide may be able to reduce cavities and prevent tooth decay because nitric oxide is able to slow the rate of acid-producing bacteria in plaque by damaging bacterial DNA.

You’ll still need to brush your teeth, but it seems like a high-nitrate beet juice like Red Rush can help promote a healthy mouth. So smile big, smile red!

Long-Term Study Finds Potassium-Rich Diets Benefit Diabetics


How likely is potassium deficiency? Let’s put it this way. If there are three hundred people in a, I don’t know, let’s say a giant house, everybody in that giant house is probably potassium insufficient or deficient, except for one person. And that one person will still have a ten-percent chance of being potassium insufficient. You can recognize that one person because he or she will be drinking Red Rush beet juice. (20% RDI of potassium per serving).

Brief spot of advertising aside, potassium is critical to bodily functioning. It is essential to cell function and plays an important role in  hydration, the prevention of cramps and exercise recovery.  Adequate levels of potassium have also been linked to cardiovascular health.  And now,  a new study out of Japan published in Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology has found that a potassium-rich diet may help with kidney and heart functioning in diabetics. As you may already know, people afflicted with diabetes are at greater risk of suffering from heart and kidney dysfunction.

Beginning in 1996, researchers followed over 600 Type 2 diabetic subjects with healthy kidneys. After testing and retesting every seven-to-ten years, they found that the subjects who had higher levels of potassium  in their urine seemed to have a slower decline of kidney function and reported fewer heart problems and complications. The scientists plan to explore nutritional-therapy options as well as the other benefits of potassium-rich diets for people with diabetes.

From the Press Release

“For many individuals with diabetes, the most challenging part of a treatment plan is to determine what to eat. The results in our study highlight the importance of a diet high in diabetes nutrition therapy,” said Dr. Araki.

Red Rush Athlete Anton Zafir to Fight in UFC 193


Red Rush Athlete Anton Zafir is slated to fight in the UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia this weekend. Over 70,000 people will be in attendance for this event. It is the same tournament that the world-famous Ronda Rousey will be battling in. Anton “The Professor” Zafir will be pitted against James “Moon Walker” Moontasri, an American Tae Kwon Do expert from Los Angeles in the Early Preliminary Fights.

In six short years, Anton has taken the Australian MMA scene by storm, ascending to become the Nitro Welterweight Champion and successfully defending his title in March 2015. When another Australian fighter had to back out of the UFC 193 fight due to injuries, Anton was called up to the big leagues. This will be Anton’s first bout on the world stage.

From Sunshine Coast Daily:

“It will be tough but it’s an opportunity too good to pass up. I’m looking forward to the experience and looking forward to performing in-front of one of
the biggest audiences in UFC history.”

-Anton Zafir

Preparation for the fight will be grueling as Anton has to shed 10 kg in only eight days. Our inside sources say that he’s using AIM’s Herbal Fiberblend to help with this.

Last month, we spoke to Zafir for an upcoming print article, and he mentioned that he was looking for opportunities to compete in the UFC. (He works fast!) He also mentioned some of the AIM products that he was using.

I am currently using Peak Endurance to help replenish myself after a hard training session and Red Rush to help increase lactic acid removal.
-Anton Zafir

From everyone here at AIM/Team Red Rush, we’d like to wish him the best of luck in his upcoming bout. We’re so proud to be in his corner.

Go here for UFC 193 viewing information.

Read our exclusive interview with Anton Zafir:

Anton The Professor Zafir

Peak Endurance Infographic

peak eu

The AIM Companies and its network of worldwide distributors offers a sports drink that stands head and shoulders above the competition. Peak Endurance provides 125 mg of PEAK ATP as well as B vitamins, vitamin C and six essential electrolytes.  It works great as a pre-workout, but it can also help you recover from exercise, too. It contains less sugar than other leading brands and has no artificial ingredients.

5 Reasons to Get More Plant Protein in Your Diet

Plant Protein
Plant Protein

The World Health Organization recently classified processed meat as a carcinogen because eating a lot of it can increase your risk of colorectal cancer.  This means many people around the globe are going to be limiting the amount of processed meats that they’re tossing onto their sandwiches and stuffing into their casseroles.

Although protein deficiency doesn’t tend to be a problem in the developed world, folks who are worried about their health are probably seeking out new and healthier forms of protein due to the recent, bacon-dropping news.

With that said, here’s five reasons to trade out some meat protein for some plant protein:

  1. Plant Protein and a Decreased Risk of Coronary Heart Disease

Choosing to get more protein from plant sources seems to be better for your heart according to a 2006 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  It concludes:

Our findings suggest that diets lower in carbohydrate and higher in protein and fat are not associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease in women. When vegetable sources of fat and protein are chosen, these diets may moderately reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

2. Plant Protein and Liver and Kidney Health

Too much animal protein may cause liver damage. If you’re a North American, you’re in a society where most people get as much or more daily protein than required. So adding a bunch of protein on top of that might not bode well for your liver.

The National Liver Foundation says that “it has been proved beyond doubt that some of the proteins derived from animals are responsible for producing persistent symptoms related to liver disease. Thus vegetarian diet, as mentioned below, has gained momentum in the treatment of hepatic disorders.”

Similarly animal protein can be hard work for the kidneys to deal with. This is because animal protein causes an inflammatory response. According to Dr. Gregor of Nutrition Facts, “plant protein is a cinch.” [for our kidneys to deal with].

Additionally, a September 2015 study found that a high plant-protein diet improved kidney function. 

3. As Good at Appetite Control without the Saturated Fats, Cholesterol, Sodium, etc. 

Protein can help people gain weight when combined with exercise by providing the building blocks of lean muscle mass, but it can also help people lose weight. This is because protein is filling and will keep you full for a good long while. This, of course, keeps people from eating more and, therefore, weight loss is likely.

A 2014 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that plant protein was as effective as meat-based protein for losing weight.  The other benefits being that plant-based protein lacks the saturated fat and sodium content often found in meat sources.

4. Fits into an Alkaline Diet 

Chronic inflammation may be the reason why obesity is so dangerous. According to the leading thinkers on the subject, the organs become overworked attempting to rid themselves of acidic animal protein, and this puts a strain on the immune system and then inflammation sets in. Plant protein is alkaline and doesn’t cause this problem.

5. To Vary Your Protein Choices

It is generally considered a good and healthy thing to eat a variety of proteins.  If you’re a vegetarian, then you need to make sure to eat an array of plant proteins to get the amino acids needed. If you eat meat, then it might be a good idea, in light of recent news and just in general, to replace some of your meat-based proteins with those from plants.

The AIM Companies offers ProPeas pea protein. It’s a non-GMO, plant-based protein that can help folks pack on muscle or inhibit their appetites. It makes a healthy breakfast or a low-calorie snack. And plant protein isn’t saddled with a lot of the problems that are associated with protein from meats.

animal protein
animal protein

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